Reasons to Consider Buying a Shark Rotator Vacuum

There are more ways to clean your carpet now than there have been in the last four decades or so. One of the brands that has taken an authoritative position in the cleaning industry is the Shark brand. Different models categorized under this brand are renowned for cleaning efficiency, but nothing comes close to the Shark Rotator vacuum cleaner.

Having used this product before, here are some of the reasons why I recommend it:

  • Never-lose-suction technology
  • Diversity in functionality
  • Ease of use

Never-Lose-Suction Technology

Shark is best known for its popular tagline of its cleaning technology, Never-lose-suction. What this means for you is that you get to clean for longer periods of time, all the while effectively harnessing the cleaner’s remarkable power and performance.

In addition to this, it also features a 3-in-1 cleaning approach where you enjoy a portable cleaner, an upright vacuum as well as a canister one. This diversity is what makes this series a cleaning champion in its own right.

Diversity in Functionality

One of the most important deciding factors in choosing a vacuum cleaner for me is the different surfaces that the specific model cleans. With the Shark Rotator series, it is fascinating to note that the different models clean carpets just as excellently as they do bare flooring surfaces.

If your home is rather spacious, with different types of flooring, then you’ll definitely want to give this vacuum a shot. Once you have finished vacuuming the carpet, you simply switch off the brush and proceed to clean your bare surfaces. This works perfectly for fluffy carpets as well as for hardwood flooring.

I noticed something interesting too with the different Rotator models: when used in upright position, the spinning brush is automatically switched off. I love this feature because it effectively reduces noise when cleaning (feature works like magic for new moms).

Ease of Use

If you are like me, and generally prefer not to tinker with gadgets, you will absolutely love the usability of a Shark Rotator. The handle is ergonomically shaped, and the swivel design makes it easy to clean around corners and furniture pieces. I used an older vacuum machine before, and the difficulty in steering it makes me thankful for having a Shark.

You will also likely be impressed by the amount of storage space that this vacuum cleaner requires. Not only are the models compact, they also easily fit under different pieces of furniture, making cleaning remarkably easy. This works well for anyone who lives in a tiny apartment where space is paramount.


When choosing any model of a vacuum cleaner, I am always on the look out for the available accessories. In fact, the inclusion of an accessory is all the difference between the different models. These include dusting brush, accessory bag, crevice cleaning tool and additional car kit.


There is more than one reason for you to pick up a Shark Rotator today. As a general guide, I advise you to always shop for a product that is within your budget as well as one that effectively meets your cleaning needs. This vacuum cleaner certainly offers value for money.

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